Our Season for Love

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March 27, 2016 Comments Off on Our Season for Love 1 Photos

When Laney Lexington returns to her hometown, she has no plans of also falling back into Austin Black’s strong, enticing arms!

Our Season for Love

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Bare Sophistication Series

Will this be a new season for their love?

Laney Lexington’s job just went from manageable to full blown chaotic. When the freelance company she helped hire to design an app set to launch in less than a week, goes under, Laney can’t falter. Luckily, as the social media operations manager for Tailored Sophistication, she strives in high pressure situations. She knows that returning to her hometown of Summerland, Michigan, and to the door of a former flame is where she’ll discover the solution to her dilemma, but she has no plans of falling back into his strong, enticing arms!

Life has been anything but predictable for Austin Black. As a former FBI Cyber Security Specialist turned web engineer, he’s experienced enough action to last a lifetime. There’s not much in the world that temps Austin, but before they parted ways, the beautiful woman at his door was once his greatest adventure. Laney’s in desperate need of help, and he intends to fulfill her wishes. He’ll get the app up and running before the launch date, but he wants Laney’s undivided attention in return. And for the remainder of her visit, Austin will show her just how magical and just how rewarding a future together could be…