Author Sherelle Green

Logan “Lo” Sapphire has never backed down from a challenge, so she’s convinced that she can persuade the stern and unyielding self-made millionaire to keep High Class Society a secret after he bursts into her office demanding to know his sister’s whereabouts. The last thing Lo wants to do is go on a wild goose chase with a walking sex ad to find his sister, but maybe, just maybe, finding her will coax him into signing a confidentiality agreement.

Tristan Derrington has a reputation for doing what he wants when he wants. Usually nothing will stop Tristan from pursuing a gorgeous beauty like Logan, but even temptation in four-inch heels won’t stand in the way of him finding his sister and exposing HCS. Soon, Tristian realizes that sometimes the best laid plans fail. They may try to avoid their attraction, but ignoring their explosive chemistry is pointless. Especially when they realize how delicious giving into temptation can be.

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