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Like any secret society, the biggest obstacle is keeping it a secret...

High Class Society Series

In a society of trust fund babies, millionaires and upper-class peers, four women seeking a prestigious education were thrust into a privileged world of wealth and aristocrats. Overwhelmed by the segregation that they witnessed in their university that forced students to date within their own social class, they decided to create a world not based on society’s rules. An organization in which the everyday woman not given the chance to date a person of caliber can overcome the barriers placed before her and date whomever she pleases.

There are no limits to finding love and they simply supply women the tools and encouragement to go after the person they want in hopes that it results in a successful relationship.

Hence, after graduating from Yale in 2006, High Class Society Incorporated was established. Now, years later, although all four founding women have established successful careers, the secret organization is in full effect. But like every secret society, the biggest obstacle is keeping it a secret.

Blue Sapphire Temptation

Logan “Lo” Sapphire has never backed down from a challenge, so she’s convinced that she can persuade the stern and unyielding self-made millionaire to keep High Class Society a secret after he bursts into her office demanding to know his sister’s whereabouts. The last thing Lo wants to do is go on a wild goose chase with a walking sex ad to find his sister, but maybe, just maybe, finding her will coax him into signing a confidentiality agreement.

Tristan Derrington has a reputation for doing what he wants when he wants. Usually nothing will stop Tristan from pursuing a gorgeous beauty like Logan, but even temptation in four-inch heels won’t stand in the way of him finding his sister and exposing HCS. Soon, Tristian realizes that sometimes the best laid plans fail. They may try to avoid their attraction, but ignoring their explosive chemistry is pointless. Especially when they realize how delicious giving into temptation can be.

Passionate Persuasion

Harper Rose has jumped off a cliff in Thailand, surfed in Australian shark infested water, and parachuted over the Great Wall of China. Surely she can handle her college reunion on an exotic island, right? Except, an all-inclusive beach vacation isn’t what she gets. Instead, her classmates decide to have the reunion in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York, forcing Harper to come face to face with Jace – her arch nemesis, turned lover, turned nemesis again. Every time she sees the panty-dropping Adonis, she isn’t sure if she should kiss him, slap him, or both.

Trying to break the wall around Harper’s heart is the most difficult task investigative photographer Jace Harvey has ever faced. Especially since he’s partially responsible for why that wall is built so high. One week together is the perfect time for them to discuss their past mistakes and focus on their future. There’s just one major problem… Harper is hell bent on making him pay for breaking her heart. Her quick witted and sassy tongue are giving him whip lash. He should tell her that every eye roll only turns him on more, but he knows when to bit his tongue. Harper may think she has the upper hand, but Jace is ready to prove her wrong to win her heart.

High Class Society Series Series:
Blue Sapphire Temptation by Sherelle Green, Book 1: http://amzn.to/2hZg3xE
Her Sweetest Seduction by Angela Seals, Book 2:http://amzn.to/2k9GQvd
Sealed with a Kiss by Angela Seals, Book 3:http://amzn.to/2AdbPwp
Passionate Persuasion by Sherelle Green, Book 4:http://amzn.to/2Bk1z2L


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