Author Sherelle Green

Enticing Winter

· Book 1, Bare Sophistication Series ·

October 1, 2015 Comments Off on Enticing Winter 1 Photos

Winter is livid when she discovers that she’ll be planning an event with gorgeous, arrogant bachelor Taheim - her once blind date from hell! Taheim isn’t too thrilled either and his emotional walls are sky-high because of a past betrayal. There’s no way the duo can work together… until one kiss reopens the floodgates of passion…

Enticing Winter

Book 1, Bare Sophistication Series

Winner Takes All?

Workaholic event planner Imani Rayne needs to slow down or she’ll surely burn out before she reaches thirty. Fulfilling her beloved grandmother’s last wish could be the closure she needs. But purchasing a breathtaking lake-view estate in her Chicago hometown comes with one string attached. His name’s Daman Barker, and he’s bidding on the same property. Worse, Imani has to team up with Mr. Sexy And He Knows It to plan the gala of the year.

When Daman goes after something he wants, he usually gets it. And his latest venture is no exception. Only, this time he has a partner. Vibrant and savvy, Imani is arousing desire Daman knows he should resist. But when a family revelation threatens all that he cherishes most, Daman will risk everything to turn a business merger into a passionate union between two loving hearts.